Exclusive visits by current Oxford University students

Discover the best of Oxford with our exclusive walking tours led by current students of the University of Oxford. Enjoy an immersive and educational experience that will leave you with a deep appreciation for “the city of dreaming spires.”

We are both very experienced Oxford tour guides with over 900+ tours.

Immersive Oxford Experience is here to offer you the most exclusive and personalised walking tours and experiences in Oxford that showcase the city’s rich history and culture. What sets us apart from other tour companies is your full immersion into the University buildings and our commitment to customisation. We work closely with you to understand your interests and preferences and tailor our tours to meet your specific needs.

Why you should choose Immersive Oxford Experience

  • Private Immersion in Oxford University: Enjoy exclusive private visits to Oxford University, where all entrance fees are covered.
  • Guided by Current Oxford University Students: Benefit from the insights and expertise of our guides who are currently enrolled at Oxford University.
  • Tailored Experiences Just for You: Every tour is a unique and fully customisable experience, crafted to match your preferences and interests.
  • Expert Oxford Tour Guides: Our Oxford tour guides are experienced and have conducted over 900+ tours since 2019.
  • Tours offered in English, French and German

Immersive Guided Tours of Oxford

What sets us apart from others

  • Enhance your Oxford Stay: Our Oxford City Tour and our Oxford College and City Tour are ideally suited to give you a general sense of the city with useful recommendations for your trip.
  • All-in-one Oxford Experience: If you want to see all Oxford highlights in 3 hours check out our Oxford College and City Tour with Christ Church
  • The Complete Oxford Harry Potter Tour: We offer the only Oxford Harry Potter Tour which includes all the actual filming locations of the movie series set in Oxford.
  • Connecting Prospective Students with Oxford’s Academic Community: Through our extensive university network, our Oxford Prospective Student Tour connects you with students from various fields, helping future applicants gain insights into their areas of interest.
  • Exclusive Access and Dining: Experience the privilege of exclusive access by joining our Oxford College and City Tour with Lunch, including the rare opportunity to dine in a College dining hall.

Our Walking tours and Experiences

Choose your premium walking tour around Oxford

Classic toursPrice per groupBOOKING
Express Oxford City Tour (45min visit)£80Book now >>
Oxford City Tour (90 min visit)£125Book now >>
Oxford College and City Tour (2 hour visit)£190Book now >>
Special toursPrice per groupBOOKING
Oxford College and City Tour with Christ Church (3 hour visit)£290Email us >>
Oxford College and City Tour with Lunch (2.5 hour visit)£250Email us >>
Prospective students tour (3 hour visit)£340Email us >>
Oxford History Tour (2.5 hour visit)£240Email us >>
Oxford Literary visit (2.5 hour visit)£275Email us >>
Oxford Harry Potter tour (3 hour visit)£350Email us >>
Custom Oxford Tours (you choose!)Email us >>

Our immersive tours are priced for a private group of up to 6 guests, ensuring an exclusive and personalised experience.

Our tours can be tailored to your specific interests. Contact us to create your perfect tour!