Oxford Harry Potter Tour

3 hour walking tour visiting all Harry Potter film sites in Oxford

Explore all filming locations in Oxford used in the movies series on our Oxford Harry Potter Tour. During the three hours you will learn all about the famous buildings used in the movies and their day to day role as part of Oxford University. You will even get exclusive access to the forbidden section of the library, no invisibility cloak required.

Oxford Divinity School seen on Oxford Harry Potter Tour

Why choose this 3 hour Oxford Harry Potter Tour?

Our Oxford Harry Potter Tour is the only tour in Oxford that takes you into every single Harry Potter filming site in Oxford.

At Immersive Oxford Experience our goal is to organise the most exclusive Oxford experiences for small groups, perfect for you and your family. On this tour, you will visit the very locations where the magical scenes from the films were shot, delve into behind-the-scenes tales, and immerse yourself in the captivating world J.K. Rowling brought to life. You will also learn about the architecture that inspired the directors and producers as well as the real world history of the buildings. During the tour you will get the chance to see all other main sights of the town and the university. As two current Oxford University students we can give you a unique perspective behind scenes of student life and experience in Oxford.

What does this 3 hour Oxford Harry Potter Tour include?

  • You will be guided by a current Oxford University student
  • Visit the Harry Potter filming locations:
    • The Hogwarts infirmary
    • The ball scene featured in ‘The Goblet of Fire’
    • The yew tree featured in the ‘Goblet of Fire’ (The Malfoy ferret scene)
    • The cloisters
    • The inspiration for the Great Dinning Hall
    • The Hogwarts staircase leading to the sorting hat
    • The restricted section of Hogwarts library

This tour includes entrance to:

Plan your visit

Once you book your tour, you will receive a confirmation email. We usually start our tours at Carfax Tower but please feel free to contact us if you would like to meet elsewhere.
We recommend you book a tour at the start of your stay in Oxford so that we can advise you on things to do during the rest of your stay.


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———— £350 per group
(This price includes groups up to 6 people)
(Normal entry fees for all Harry Potter spots would add up to £40pp)